Formlogic is a well-funded remote-first startup reinventing rapid manufacturing of precision parts. Here you will solve challenging problems that have never been solved before, with the autonomy to use whatever methods you think best.

Formlogic’s intelligent automation uses machine learning and physics simulation to provide close tolerances and rapid turnaround at low production costs.

As an Automation Engineer at Formlogic, you will be working with a talented and experienced multi-disciplinary team to bring our technology to market. You’ll have a wide breadth of responsibilities, such as:

  • Designing and implementing control interfaces for machinery (CNC mills, saws, etc.)
  • Robustly orchestrating AGVs to transport and manage resources on the factory floor
  • Integrating automated manufacturing execution with order management and inventory
  • Contributing to the design of mechanical infrastructure to streamline robotic operations

The job will grow and change throughout the product life-cycle so it’s essential that you have a self-starting attitude and are quick to learn new skills and adapt as requirements evolve.


  • Extensive experience with C++, Python, and the Linux command line
  • Demonstrated interest in IoT or robotics
  • Ability and willingness to self-educate on topics you don't already know
  • Passion for building new products in a fast-paced team-oriented environment
  • Excellent, proactive communication skills (critical since we are remote-first)


We don’t expect you to already have experience with all (or even most) of the technologies you’ll use at Subscale. That said, strong candidates will have multiple of the following:

  • Experience working with input devices like encoders, LIDAR, range finders, etc.
  • Experience working with output devices like motors, transducers, smart actuators, etc.
  • Experience working with bus and network protocols like TCP, UDP, CAN, I2C, SPI, etc.
  • Experience designing IoT systems or orchestrating other heterogeneous hardware
  • Exposure to Windows automation and/or C# development
  • Exposure to standard concepts from mechanical and electrical engineering